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 Whitewater in UK
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 Sea kayaking overseas
 Touring overseas
CK - West Midlands Canoe Centre

Sweetspot Video - Marianne Saether's Ugandan Whitewater Adventure

Uganda was described as the pearl of Africa by Churchill, and many's the whitewater paddler that would agree. The White Nile flows through the country in a series of rapids, and also forms some of the best surfwaves on the planet on its way to the confluence with the Blue Nile, the two of then meandering their way down through Egypt as the mighty Nile. For kayaker Marianne Saether this is her perfect Sweetspot, with warm water, 25 degrees every day, lots of huge rapids and a mecca for freestyle kayaking. The power of the river is raw, and every day can be an adrenline filled day... Depending on the waterlevel from day to day you can challenge yourself with rapids like Bladerunner, Widowmaker and Itanda (which means death in the local language.) In the afternoon you can head out and surf for hours on standing waves that allow for some big air in  kayaks... Marianne was lucky enough to be sent out to Uganda to make a mini-film for her sponsor Nike ACG. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


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